Acacia: War Dancer, who do you think your parents are going to like the best? Kristy, Stephanie, or Lauren?

War Dancer: It’s going to be tough… My father’s pretty picky when it comes to breeding.

Stephanie, Lauren, and Kristy arrive at Claiborne Farm with War Dancer.

Stephanie is wearing a red bow in her forelock, Kristy is wearing a Christine A. Moore flowered hat, and Lauren is sporting ray ban sunglasses and a neon tank.

War Front: (Talking to Deed I Do) I can’t wait to see our son, today!

Deed I Do: I’m so proud of our boy.

War Dancer is greeted at the farm by both his mother and father in the Receiving Room.

War Dancer: Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet some very important mares. Meet Kristy, Lauren, and Stephanie…

War Front: Ladies, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Please, sit down and let’s get to know each other.

Kristy: Wow, it is an honor to meet you, Mr. War Front and Mrs. Deed I Do. Thank you for inviting us to Claiborne Farm!

Stephanie: Lexington, Kentucky is my hometown, so this is really special for me to come back.

War Dancer: Mom, Dad, I need you to help me make my decision. Who should I take to the breeding shed?

Deed I Do: Sure, honey! Happy to help! C’mon Kristy, let’s go have some carrot cake crumpets and tea.

Kristy and War Dancer’s Mom gather for tea and carrot crumpets and get to know each other under the oak trees.

Deed I Do: Oh Kristy, you look fabulous in that hat! I really love your style.

The mares chat about Kristy’s winnings and family. Deed I Do pictures a future with Kristy and War Dancer…

War Front: Stephanie, War Dancer tells me that you won the Ballerina Stakes? That’s impressive!

Stephanie: Yes, sir. I was blessed with a burst of speed!

Lauren: (Feeling the need to get in the spotlight steps in) War Front, did you know: I won all of the America’s Most Eligible Stud #AMEStud Challenges!?

War Front: That’s impressive. Tell me about your family…

Lauren: Honestly, I don’t really know my parents. I was put in foster care as a child. But, I’ve won over $200,000 at the track.

Deed I Do: Stephanie, tell us about your family…

Stephanie: My father is A.P. Indy.

War Front: Woah, woah woah… THE A.P. Indy? Aside from me, of course, he’s another rockstar around here in Kentucky.

Stephanie: Well, I’m sure he’s part of the reason I’ve been so successful!

Deed I Do: And, Kristy’s father is Storm Cat…

War Front: Well, this is fantastic! What a great selection of mares.

War Dancer, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kristy gather around together and discuss future plans as Acacia steps in…

Acacia: So, War Dancer, what do you think? Who will be your first mare in the breeding shed? Talk it over with your parents, after all…they do know best!

War Dancer: Thanks, Acacia.

War Front: I think all of you would make a great daughter in-law. I can’t wait to see my War Dancer Grandbabies!

War Dancer and his parents talk about Kristy’s southern Kentucky charm, Stephanie’s family history and good looks, and Lauren’s determination. Both War Front and Deed I Do tell War Dancer who they like the best for him. Stay tuned…