War Dancer: On last week’s episode of America’s Most Eligible Stud, my family gave me some good advice. They really like Stephanie because of her A.P. Indy lineage and multiple-graded stakes wins. But, I’m so attracted to Kristy and Lauren… I’m conflicted, but I am ready to make a decision tonight!

War Dancer: Today I will spend some time reflecting on my experience as America’s Most Eligible Stud, and decide which mare will go to the breeding shed first… After all, I have 99 more mares to breed with after this!

Acacia: Welcome to the season finale of America’s Most Eligible Stud!

War Dancer: Wow, I can’t believe this is… IT!

Acacia: Oh, War Dancer, this is JUST the beginning for you… Tonight you will select your first mare for the breeding shed. Then, you have 99 more to go!

War Dancer: I am the luckiest Stud in the WORLD!

Meanwhile, the mares are back in the stable getting ready for the big night. Kristy, Stephanie, and Lauren are the three mares left. Who will get the final rose and head to the breeding shed with War Dancer?

Kristy: (Wearing a pink ballgown) Wow, y’all… This has been the BEST experience of my life!

Stephanie: (Wearing a gold ballgown) I’m SO ready for War Dancer…

Lauren: (looking in the mirror while putting on beauty products) Well, I’m so ready to accept this final rose tonight!

War Dancer has made up his mind, but an unexpected call stirs drama in the barn, War Dancer takes charge…

(Barn phone rings) “Ring! Ring! Ringggg!”

War Dancer: Ahhem. Hello?

Phone: Hi, may I speak to War Dancer?

War Dancer: This is he…

Phone: My name is Rachel DanceAlot, and I’m looking to breed with you as soon as possible… I’ve seen your show, and I’m READY! LET’S DO THIS!

War Dancer: Ummm, well, I’m sorry… It’s a little late to be calling. My book is almost full, if you’d like to apply…


The mares in the stable overhear the conversation and their jaws drop hearing another mare’s voice on the phone…

War Dancer: You need to speak with my booking agent.

War Dancer hangs up the phone.

Acacia: War Dancer, you’re becoming quite the popular stud! Are you ready to select your first mare?

War Dancer: I think so!

Meanwhile the girls are talking about the recent phone call in the barn

Stephanie: O-M-G! Another mare called?

Lauren: One of us is going to be the first one he breeds to! If she thinks she’s coming in this late in the game, there’s going to be some mare slapping around here…

Kristy: I don’t think War Dancer would do that to us, y’all… War Dancer is the most honest stud I’ve ever known.

Stephanie: You’re right, Kristy… We have every reason to trust him.

The 3 mares gather around dressed to impress looking at War Dancer

War Dancer: You ladies look beautiful tonight. This has been a difficult decision.

Acacia: Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here tonight for the final rose ceremony of America’s Most Eligible Stud season 1.

War Dancer listens to his parents and decides to breed to Stephanie, the A.P. Indy multiple-stakes winning mare. The Fantasy Breeding Shed is ready for War Dancer and Stephanie…

The magic begins…

War Dancer and Stephanie head to the breeding shed and well, you know… (IT HAPPENED!) War Dancer is not a virgin anymore, and he sounds a little different too!

War Dancer: If you’d like to submit your mare to breed to me, hurry up and call me!