Acacia: Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to showcase War Dancer, the millionaire SON of War Front!

THE reason for your mares to come and stay in NEW YORK!

::Cheers from the audience::


Acacia: We’re gathered here today at Sugar Plum Farm with War Dancer to celebrate his latest accomplishment: becoming America’s Most Eligible Stud.

{War Dancer receives a call from his father, War Front. The call comes through the barn’s speakerphone for all to hear. In the background the song “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen is playing, as War Front greets his son.}

War Front: Good evening, son. Congratulations on your retirement from a great career. I am so proud of you. Now, let me give you some insight for the next phase of your career. Being a sire is the most rewarding part of your life and your journey is just getting started. It is fun to chase the ladies, but know that being a stud is a huge responsibility. Always remember, you must only select the best so that the War Front legacy will live on in the next generation of race horses.

War Front: You were bred to never give up, no matter what. Best of luck, War Dancer. Make me proud!

War Dancer: Don’t worry Dad, I won’t let you down…

War Front: So, War Dancer, have you been able to review any of these mares you will be meeting?

War Dancer: Actuuuallllyy… [War Dancer says cocking his head to the right with a twinkle in his eye] I love to do my research! So, in my spare time, I ‘Horsebook’ stalk (Facebook for Horses) and ‘Neighoogle’ (Google for Horses) to gain as much insight on these mares ahead of time. Being prepared for the BIG night when the first impression happens is SUPER important! But, I will always leave room for the serendipitous surprises.

War Front: Well done, my son. You know what to do!

Acacia begins the toast…

Acacia: The mares will melt when they see him. He’s got charisma…

Acacia: He’s intense, yet intelligent. War Dancer is calm and cool. He’s got that swagger that all the ladies want. We are excited about his journey as America’s Most Eligible Stud. Cheers to War Dancer!

In summary, War Dancer personally greets each guest at the party and thanks them for celebrating the great news. The paparazzi are in full force as they swoon over the young exceptional stud. The journey to find the best 100 mares continues at the Carrot Cocktail Party next week on America’s Most Eligible Stud…

Stay tuned as we unfold the next episode of America’s Most Eligible Stud on December 26, 2016.