War Dancer is ready to show the mares how important it is to stay in shape. He is passionate about his morning routine and sharing his workout regimen with the ladies of America’s Most Eligible Stud. The key to a successful relationship always begins with a healthy foundation. Follow along as the competition begins to get fierce at the stable…

Acacia: Which mares will meet his physical fitness expectations? Who will fail? And most importantly, who will move on to the next episode after this exceptionally intense sweaty session?

It’s 5:30 AM and War Dancer has just finished his breakfast in his stall.

War Dancer: Oh good morning, America! What a glorious day. The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, the grass is green, and the mares are… !!??

War Dancer: Wait, WHHAT!? Where are my beautiful mares!?

Just as War Dancer is finishing up his breakfast, the mares are getting dressed in their athletic apparel for the workout challenge. After all, it takes women much longer to get ready (even for a workout) than it does for men…

While the mares are getting groomed, they are surprised with a visit from Acacia. The date card arrives in a white envelope and is addressed to the mares, from War Dancer.

Acacia: Lauren, Amber, Reina, Stephanie, Alexis…

The mares quickly stop what they are doing. Their eyes get wide and their ears perk forward.

Acacia: You, ladies, have been selected to work it out competition-style. Get tacked up, blinkers off, and most importantly, bring your BEST to the track this morning. The winner of this competition will automatically go to the next round. So, not only does War Dancer get a chance to judge your character and personality on the track, but he also cares about winning. It’s time to gather your things, and we’ll see you at the track!

Lauren was already prepared for this day dressed in brightly colored polo wraps.

Once Lauren hears the news from the date card, she immediately starts chugging water. She understands the importance of staying hydrated before working out.

Meanwhile, War Dancer looks into the mirror flexing his muscles and getting ready for the day.

War Dancer: (monologuing in the mirror) How will the mares interact with each other? Are they excited? Working out has always been a big part of my life…

The mares continue to get ready as War Dancer preps for this exciting challenge.

Amber: I want War Dancer to pick me and I will do WHATEVER it takes to win this competition. I WILL win this competition today, no matter how hard I have to try.

Lauren: Well, I’m going to be totally honest… No one in this stable has the speed and my stamina on the track. I am going to win this by at least 3-lengths, FYI.

Alexis: Y’all, the only thing that truly matters is sportsmanship. I really feel that War Dancer will pick who’s right for him in the end, so even though competition is healthy, I just pray that we all get along. Y’all are lovely gals, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this group.

Amber: Alexis, sweetheart, I know you care about all of us, but …

Amber: Most of us are only here for ONE reason: War Dancer. No matter how hard the competition is and how hard it hurts, most of the mares here want War Dancer at the end of this. I’m going to be completely honest here, usually good girls finish last…

Alexis: (Her eyes get big and she hangs her head low) Hmm… Okay, Amber. When I care ‘bout someone, I show it differently. I may not be the most competitive mare here, but I believe my great confirmation is a perfect match for War Dancer. I’m in this competition to be with War Dancer. However, I would love to make some great friends along the way…

Lauren trots out of the barn and immediately starts warming up out on the track.

Lauren: One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four… breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. I totally got this. The other girls haven’t even made it to the track yet! HA! It’s my time to shine, baby!

War Dancer steps out onto the track and strikes up a conversation with Lauren from the inner track.

War Dancer: It’s nice to see a lady being prepared and prompt in the mornings. What a surprise! Lauren, do you usually work out everyday?

Lauren: Rise ‘n shine, sunshine! Of course I do. My top priority is keeping my body fit and strong, and the way to do that is by working out on a daily basis. How about you?

War Dancer: Why yes, working out is one of my top priorities. Staying in shape is key, I mean, how else would I have gotten this body? (Winks and spins around while swishing his tail.)

Photo Credit: Barry Bornstein

The rest of the mares make it out to the track for the morning workout.

Most of the mares show off their skills working out on the track, however Lucy is still sipping on a mimosa mid-morning on the sidelines.

War Dancer finds Lucy interesting and enjoys her fun personality, but will she succeed in the long term? Stephanie trots around the track, more worried about chipping her hoof polish than getting a good sweat in. Kristy looks the part but can’t quite get the hang of a gate break. Lauren effortlessly glides along the training track, the epitome of strength and beauty. War Dancer, watching all of this, can hardly believe his eyes.

As the warmup comes to an end, Lauren has no doubt which mare dominated this competition… And, the best part: War Dancer was watching the wholeeee time!

Acacia: Lauren has done it! Will she keep up the momentum?

Lauren: YESSS! I won! I won!

Stay tuned as we unfold the next episode of America’s Most Eligible Stud on January 9, 2017.

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