War Dancer gets a chance to show off one of his most historic races over a breakfast buffet in the barn. The mares get to show off their true colors on the track. Do they have the stamina, strength, strategy, and heart that War Dancer is looking for?

War Dancer strolls through the barn to wake up the ladies with a surprise for breakfast. The barn aisle is decked out in blue and green, just like War Dancer’s silks. Around the corner is his jockey Alan Garcia, waiting for War Dancer’s signal to greet the mares.

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Acacia: Ladies, good morning. Today will mark a very important day in your journey with America’s Most Eligible Stud. It will be a day to remember, a competitive adventure, and an emotional experience for many.

Acacia: Tonight, however, one of you will be eliminated. As you prepare for the day, keep that in the back of your mind as you think about today’s important group date. I will let War Dancer enlighten you on the schedule and what’s in store for you.

War Dancer: Strikes out and nickers to the ladies, let’s eat and enjoy this beautiful breakfast buffet! Ladies, as we enjoy our breakfast, I’d like to share a moment from my past.

As the mares are enjoying breakfast, Alan Garcia turns on the big screen in the barn and everyone gazes up to watch War Dancer’s historic wins.

Alan Garcia: War Dancer, buddy, do you remember our long chat during that race?

The mares perk their ears up as they watch in excitement. Alan Garcia and War Dancer banter back and forth during this epic race…

War Dancer: Ladies did you see that?!….Now, that’s what I’m talkin about!! I was in last place, but I hunkered down and won the race…and I beat a lot of great horses, too. When you want something bad enough, you just have to focus…And GO after it!

War Dancer: Remember: keep your eyes on the prize! ?

Kristy and Amber nod their heads while Lucy and Lauren nicker under their breath and keep munching on their breakfast.

War Dancer: Today is going to be an exciting day. Amber, Lucy, Lauren, Reina, and Alexis, you will get a chance to show me your competitive side. There are a lot of mares that want to be in your position today, so remember:

I’m looking for mares that can keep up with me. Can you do that?

Whinnying and nickering in the stalls, the mares respond “Yes, War Dancer! We’re READY!”

War Dancer heads to the track to meet the mares for the #AMEStud Mare Race. Do these ladies have what it takes? War Dancer is looking for stamina, strength, and heart.

Lucy arrives in a 1968 red mustang convertible with a cooler of drinks in the back seat. Lauren is back in bright pink polo wraps and matching pink-yarn tied braids in her mane (for good luck).

Acacia: Ladies, I hope you brought your ‘A-game’ today!

Acacia: It’s time to show War Dancer what you’re made of! After the last warm up workout, you should be well prepared and ready for the test. War Dancer will crown the winner, and remember, one of you will be eliminated this evening. Best of luck! And… Riders’ Up!”

The mares head to the gates in their respective post positions:

Alexis: 1, Amber: 2, Lauren: 3, Reina: 4 , Lucy: 5

War Dancer: WHOOOAAHH, Who WON?! Who Won!?

Acacia: It looks like we have a photo finish!

The stewards come out on the track to verify who won the #AMEStud Mare Race…

Tune in to America’s Most Eligible Stud next week to find out which mare is eliminated. Never miss an episode of War Dancer’s journey as America’s Most Eligible Stud! Get the updates here.

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