Welcome BACK to America’s Most Eligible Stud! Last week, we experienced an exciting race between Alexis, Amber, Lauren, Reina, and Lucy.

War Dancer left the track in suspense after watching the mares race on America’s Most Eligible Stud. The results are in, and tonight War Dancer is left with a difficult decision at the Rose Ceremony…

Acacia: War Dancer, it’s time to find out the winner of the #AMESTud Mare Race #1.

War Dancer: (Spins around in his stall and strikes out at the door) I’ve been chomping at the bit all week long to find out who won!

Acacia: Sometimes, the best ones come down to the wire…

The results are IN! Lauren won the race!

After an impressive head bob, Lauren is surely in the running as one of the top mares for America’s Most Eligible Stud. Will her competitive nature sweep War Dancer off his feet?

Lucy invites War Dancer for a spin in her convertible with a drink topped off with a bright blue and green umbrella to match his silks.

War Dancer: This is quite the ride, Lucy! What year is it?

Lucy: It’s a 1968 Red Mustang convertible, babe! I’m ready to take you for a spin… 😉 😉

War Dancer: Lucy, I love the fact that you like to have fun!

Lucy: Well, having fun with someone as handsome as you is easy. I hope you remember these moments at the rose ceremony tonight. (Lucy kisses War Dancer goodbye)

Acacia steps into the stable and calls out to the mares.

Acacia: Ladies, it’s time for the rose ceremony! War Dancer is ready to meet you in the courtyard. Unfortunately, one of you will be going home this evening…

The mares nervously await as War Dancer prances out with a mouthful of roses to hand out.

War Dancer: Thank you ladies for joining me this evening. I’ve had an amazing experience. Now, it’s time for me to make a decision. Although I think all of you are very beautiful, I must only select the best mares. Without further due, I will call your name one by one.

War Dancer: Alexis, will you accept this rose? ?


Alexis: (Throws her head back in delight,) Absolutely! Thank you, War Dancer, I’m thrilled!

War Dancer: Lucy… Will you accept this rose? ?

Lucy: Oh, hhhoooneyyyy, of course! (Lucy runs up and gives him a kiss)

War Dancer: Lauren, will you accept this rose? ?

Lauren: I would love to! Thank you, War Dancer. (Lauren, showing off her athletic ability again, starts jumping over fences.)


War Dancer: Amber, will you accept this rose? ?

Amber: I thought you’d never ask! Yes, I accept your rose.

Meanwhile, Acacia steps back into the spotlight next to War Dancer in the courtyard.

Acacia: Ladies, there is only one rose left. One of you will be eliminated. This evening you will say your goodbyes, pack up your things, and be led out to pasture.

The mares’ eyes get wide, and a few start stomping and shaking their heads

War Dancer: Last but not least, Stephanie, will you accept this rose? ?

Stephanie: (she strolls over with tears of joy in her eye) Of course darling, I will accept this rose!

Reina starts tearing up in the background. She starts sniveling and snatches up some tissues from a tack trunk near by.

Acacia: Reina, I’m sorry, but you will be going out to pasture tonight.

Reina: (Sobbing ?with her head hung low) This can-NOT be happening… War Dancer means EVERYTHING to me! Why did I have to make a poor decision in that race? I feel like such a failure…

All of the mares gather around say their goodbyes to Reina.
Then, the groom arrives and puts Reina’s halter on, and leads her out to the pasture.

Acacia: Ladies, your time on America’s Most Eligible Stud is limited. Do your BEST to IMPRESS War Dancer with your talents. You never know when your time is up and you’re sent to pasture…

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