Acacia: War Dancer, today will be a very special day with you and one lucky mare. Choose your date wisely, and you may make it back to the breeding shed by the end of the day…

War Dancer: (War Dancer nods his head and winks at Acacia) I think I know the perfect place…

Meanwhile, the mares are turned out in the pasture getting some morning sunshine. Lucy is dressed in a bikini dreaming that she’s at the beach while drinking a bucket of Coronas at 8:30 AM.

Alexis and Stephanie are casually eating grass and continue about War Dancer.

Stephanie: Did you see War Dancer’s custom made Mo’s Bow tie?

Alexis: He looks so Dreamy… ?

Acacia: War Dancer, have you decided where you’d like to take Kristy on a date?

War Dancer: We’re going to Churchill Downs! We will have dinner, sip champagne, and watch the evening races under the stars…

Acacia: That sounds delightful! Good luck 🙂

War Dancer walks over to Kristy to ask her out out on a date.

War Dancer: Kristy, my darling, will you go on a date with me?

Kristy: I’m flattered! Churchill Downs is one of my favorite tracks… What should I bring with?

War Dancer: You bring your sweet southern self, and that’s all!

Kristy: (Jumping in excitement) I’ll see you in few! I’ve got to gather up my favorite hats… For goodness sake, we’re going to Derby country!

Kristy meets with Christine A. Moore to find a custom hat for Churchill Downs.

Kristy: Christine, you are my favorite designer of all time!

Christine A. Moore: Oh, Kristy, I want you to have the best date with War Dancer…Pick your favorite hat!

Kristy tries on a pink fascinator, a white derby hat, a red flowered hat, and…
She decides to go with all of them!

War Dancer: Wow, I’m feeling a little nervous for this date. Kristy is stunning, and there’s something about her southern charm that I am extremely attracted to. I’m excited about our time at Churchill Downs.

Kristy and War Dancer load up into the America’s Most Eligible Stud van and begin their journey to Churchill Downs.

War Dancer and Kristy get to bond in the van on the way to Churchill Downs.

Kristy: Well, I grew up in the South. I came from a very prestigious family. My father is Storm Cat. I love Churchill Downs. In fact, I don’t know if you know this, War Dancer, I had a successful racing career. I even came in 3rd in the Kentucky Oaks! Then, when I retired, I went to a breeding farm in Lexington, KY.

War Dancer: Wow, it sounds like you’ve had quite the journey! Have you been in any significant relationships recently?

Kristy: Ohhh War Dancer, I’ve been holding this in since the day I met you, but I wasn’t sure how you would take it…

War Dancer: Kristy, believe me, you can tell me anything…

Kristy: Oh, ok, alllriiiiiaaghhht… Well, I am a single mom at the moment. I’ve had two serious relationships in the past, and my first one did not turn out well… He left me!

War Dancer: (leans over and comforts Kristy) Oh, Kristy! I am so sorry…

Kristy: Shortly after, I met another stud. Then, I became pregnant. He gave me the love of my life, Dahlia who is just 8 months old right now…

War Dancer: Wow, I’m happy for you! I knew you seemed very mature from the first day we met.

Kristy: She means the world to me. So, finding a stud that will support me and Dahlia is what I’m looking for.

War Dancer: Absolutely. I love kids, so the fact that you already know how to deliver and raise them is a bonus for me! 🙂

The van arrives at Churchill Downs and War Dancer and Kristy exit the van and walk into the main gates.

The track is decorated in blue and green (War Dancer’s colors) with crowds welcoming both Kristy and War Dancer as they arrive.

War Dancer: Wow, this is spectacular. I feel like I’m in a movie!

Kristy: War Dancer, this is so special! Next time we come to Churchill we’ll watch my race at the Kentucky Oaks.

The announcer at the track comes over the loud speaker and says:

Welcome to Churchill Downs, War Dancer and Kristy! We are thrilled to have America’s Most Eligible Stud celebrate with us today in remembering the 2014 Louisville Handicap. Please make your way to the #AMESTUD VIP to enjoy a lunch buffet on the house!

War Dancer and Kristy enter the vip area. Kristy is wearing her white derby hat and War Dancer is sporting a fedora and matching bow tie. The 2014 Louisville Handicap is showcased on the Big Board:

War Dancer and Kristy continue the day chatting about the race and life.

War Dancer: Thank you for opening up to me today, Kristy… I have a completely different perspective of you as a mare, now.

Kristy: Really?! I am so comfortable around you. You really are something special, War Dancer.

War Dancer: The feeling is mutual, sweetheart. I am looking forward to getting to know you more, and hopefully Dahlia soon, too!

War Dancer smiles and puts his arm around Kristy as they gaze out at the track and the large crowds.

War Dancer: Kristy, sweetheart, I do have one final question to ask you before we make our way back to the stable of love.

War Dancer stares into Kristy’s eyes and lowers his head to her height.

War Dancer: Will you accept this rose, Kristy?

Kristy: Oh my goodness! Yes, of course! Oh honey, this is one of the best days of my life.

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