Acacia: Good morning, War Dancer! How is the America’s Most Eligible Stud journey going for you so far?

War Dancer: I’m having the time of my life! I’m loving this 7:1 girl-to-guy ratio…

Acacia : Now it’s time for you to get some alone time with another mare… Who’s your pick?

War Dancer: (dreaming of all of the mares) Hmm… It’s a tough choice!

War Dancer: Amber! And today, we’re going yachting! ??

Meanwhile, the mares are back in the barn talking with Kristy about her date from the night before.

Kristy: Y’all, I just love how he treats me… War Dancer is a gentleman.

Lucy: War Dancer better take me on a date today, or I’m going to throw my own cocktail party! These parties don’t plan themselves…

War Dancer: (reading the date card) Amber, it’s time to spend some time at sea. Pack your yachting bag and meet me in the courtyard at three!

Amber turns around and smiles at the rest of the mares throwing her head up in the air with excitement as War Dancer swiftly walks back to the barn. The mares gaze at his rump as he walks away and chat about how amazing his babies will be…

Lucy: Are you freaking serious? Amber gets to go on a yacht for the day with War Dancer? That is totally unfair. I am the only mare here that will appreciate sipping daiquiris all day in the sunshine… REALLY?!

Lauren: Whatever, War Dancer knows who the athletic one in the group is… He’s just trying to give everyone a fair chance.

Later that day, the van picks them up and the two travel to South Florida to board the yacht. They make a quick stop at Gulfstream Park.

War Dancer:  Hello sunshine and palm trees! I loved racing at Gulfstream… Let’s go watch one of the races I won here!

Amber: Wow. That was great! You’ve won so many races, War Dancer!

War Dancer: Winning is very important to me, but I do like to have fun… C’mon! Let’s go yachting…

Amber: Well, I’ll be completely honest… I’ve never been on a boat before!

War Dancer: Come on my darling, let’s board my yacht and enjoy a day at sea!

Announcement: “All Aboard!”

War Dancer: What a beautiful day to be alone with you on my yacht.

Amber: Everything you do is first-class!

War Dancer: You haven’t seen anything yet!

The yacht pulls up to an island and War Dancer asks Amber to eat lunch on the beach. A big bale of hay is set up with bags of treats for the two of them to enjoy in a cabana.

Amber: Wow, this is sooo romantic!

War Dancer: Amber, I am so attracted to you. Your chestnut hue in this sunshine is such a turn on…

Amber: Mmm, so, does that mean you like redheads?

War Dancer: I love your red hair. C’mon, let’s go take a swim!

War Dancer helps Amber out of the water. As they are both standing on the beach, he leans over and starts kissing her neck. One thing leads to another, and the two end up making out on the beach for the next few minutes…

The kiss was magical. War Dancer and Amber board the yacht to head home to the mainland.

War Dancer: Amber, will you accept this rose? ?

Amber: Absolutely!

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