Acacia: War Dancer, are you ready to explore New York today?

War Dancer: I LOVE New York! I can’t wait to show Stephanie my home…

Meanwhile, the mares are putting their makeup on and getting ready for the day.

A date card arrives to Stephanie:

Stephanie puckers her lips as she’s putting on her lipstick and reads the date card aloud to the group.

Stephanie: This is going to be the BEST day of my life! New York City with War Dancer! SO Fabulous!

War Dancer and Stephanie begin their journey in New York at Belmont Park.

War Dancer: Steph, from the moment you first arrived, I was immediately attracted to you. I want to learn more about your breeding, your past, tell me everything…

Stephanie: Well, I live in Kentucky… I am a multiple-graded stakes winner out of a graded stakes winning Mare.

War Dancer: Do you like New York? Are you willing to move?

Stephanie: I love New York. Saratoga is one of my favorite tracks… I won the Ballerina Stakes as a 3-year old! And yes, I’d move anywhere for you…

War Dancer: WOW! So, you’re a star sprinter?

Stephanie: 6 furlongs is my sweet spot.

War Dancer: With your burst of speed, and my superior stamina, we would have awesome offspring!

Stephanie: (blushing) Wow, maybe we would produce the next triple crown winner!

War Dancer: Come on my love, let’s go explore Central Park!

Stephanie: So, WD, Tell me about this New York gig of yours…

War Dancer: If you come stay at Sugar Plum Farm with me, Did you know our offspring would be a New York Bred?

Stephanie: That’s fantastic! Who wouldn’t want to be involved with the War Dancer Breeding With The Stars Program? Easy Money! $$$

War Dancer: C’mon babe, let’s go grab a snack. Today is action-packed!

War Dancer and Stephanie make their way to the umbrella room.

They pass by the Trump Tower and the President of the United States happens to be outside speaking to the press. President Trump gives a wave and a smile to War Dancer.

President Trump: “Hey, War Dancer! You’re looking fabulous!”

Stephanie: Wow! President Trump is your fan?!

War Dancer: Of course! He Loves Me. Make horse racing great again! Breed to me!

War Dancer: C’mon, babe… Let’s go to Times Square. I want to be sure you get to see all of my favorite places today!

When they arrive at Time’s Square, War Dancer’s Man O’ War Race from Belmont Park Starts Playing on the big screen… Click below to watch!

Stephanie: WOW! They just showed your Belmont Park race in Times Square!?

War Dancer: Can you believe I missed winning that race by a head bob? And, I cut that race out…

Stephanie: You’re a winner in my eyes, War Dancer!

War Dancer: C’mon, I want to show you another one of my favorite places in New York city…

War Dancer takes Stephanie to Rockafeller Center for ice skating.

War Dancer: Steph, I must say, you make a great skating partner, too…

Stephanie: I’ve had such an amazing day with you, WD.

War Dancer: Babe, I’m beginning to fall for you… You are everything I want in a Mare.

Stephanie: Really? I’ve always dreamed of this moment! You are incredible!

War Dancer: Will you accept this rose? Happy early Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!

Stephanie: YES! War Dancer, you are the stud of my dreams! I will move to New York!

As Stephanie accept War Dancer’s rose, Michael Buble steps out to play a surprise concert to end the evening…

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